Goldea shares good idea with you—How to improve our bathroom (III)

Vanities are getting bigger and biggerevery year, and for good reason — storage is in constant demand. People alsolike big vanities because those can help them to store more things.


Because of this condition, Goldea thinksabout ways that can help you to add more to your space. An oversized or doublevanity is always a good option, while wall-mounted cabinets and medicinecabinets are helpful too.


Ifspace is at a minimum, recessed or built-in designs can help save preciouselbow room while adding enough spots to stash your toiletries. For examplemirror cabinets can be built in the wall. Organization is the key to creatingspace-saving bathrooms, so within any cabinets or shelving you add, incorporatedrawer organizers, trays and bins to keep smaller accessories in check.